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Anime Companies Can’t Shrink Themselves To Greatness

By RedWordSmith

The internet is abuzz with the news of Central Park Media going bankrupt. Honestly, with the quality of some of the US Manga Corp titles I’m surprised this didn’t happen years ago — their logo, after all, is MD Geist, which is akin to a big sign that says “100% certified worthless crud” at the beginning of every show (some didn’t deserve it, many did). Nonetheless, I think there are a few things that can be learned from this incident.

First of all, CPM tried to avoid this fate by shrinking. Maybe their creditors insisted. Maybe other circumstances made it unavoidable. For the reason why it was still a bad idea, see this blog post and this blog post on Work Matters. CPM had lay-offs to deal with their difficulties, but it doesn’t look as if they changed much of what they actually did.

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